It’s a science, purely based on magnetic vibrationals, in the Universe.
Basically in universe five elements, which we easily feels and know are air, water, earth, fire, sky….
Collectively materialize forms Planets and we all are governed by planets, which effects our each and every moments/incidents. Which is based on the projection of our place of birth, time and place .
In as ancient science, calculation research by our great saints found -=
Astrology is the study of correlation between astronomical positions of the planets and events happening on Earth. It is believed that positions of planets revolving in universe at the time of an individual's birth, have a direct impact on the person's personality.

Vastu is based on direction East West North South with there respective sub directions NE (isan), SE (agni), SW (natryash), NW (vavya).
Vaastu-shastra is an ancient science of living. The word vaastu derived from the root vas which means to reside. It is not an equivalent of the word architecture. Vaastu is architecture and much more. While architecture is the science, art of profession of designing and constructing buildings etc., the definition of vaastu extend into realm of occultism. Building a house in ancient india was not only a house-craft but also a secred ceremony and the house was considered a living organism. The spirit of the hous was called Vaastupurusha and different cardinal directions and sectors were assigned to different Gods like Brahma, Ishwara, Agni, Varun, Wind, Yam and Demon, since the waves flowing in a particular direction have a specific influence. Eeshan or north east is presided over by God and is therefore suitable for a prayer room. The south east belongs to Agni. The central space is Brahma. The head and limbs of the VaastuPurusha are to be left alone tooo. Via making all these in balancing we get happiness & live our life as lives in havens.

Vastu plays a important role in our life for having health, wealth, peace & prosperity.
Altogeather ASTRO VASTU means a lot for us in our life.
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Web and App development

Mobile phones have become a necessity for most of us. It has made communication so easy that now days .
9 STAR ADDWORLD & BUSINESS SOLUTION facilitate you a Smart way to comunnation, via various technologies like Messaging Service, e-mail @ Voice calls to help individuals & Businesses connect & communicate instantly.
"9starabs" is a leading Bulk SMS, e-mails & voice calls service provider, delivering to all networks in India.
We provide Bulk SMS,e-mails & voice calls in a personalized and customized form, having direct connectivity with telecom operators and web based email broadcasting through our reliable bulk email servers.

All these service is the most effective means to reach thousands of targeted customers within a very short span of time.
It is the most cost effective way to promote your company. With the use of Bulk SMS, , e-mails & voice calls the response rate is very high therefore while using these service high response is always expected.
Increase Sales & Revenue
Build Customer Loyalty
Save Time & Effort
Keep Your Audience Updated
* The most important advantage of Bulk SMS is the volume of receivers. One can easily send the same message to thousands and more people at the same time in a single click with the use of Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS
• Fast, Reliable & Secure
• Real Time Reports
• Quick & 100% Delivery
• Easy HTTP API Integrations Pricing
Web Based Bulk Email Delivery System - Marketing your business with outstanding results!
email marketing software has its own built-in SMTP relay server and delivers email messages directly from your computer to the recipients' mailboxes bypassing your ISP's mail server!

Bulk E-mails
• Manage Subscribers
• Email Newsletters
• Email Testing Tools
• Campaigns Analystics Pricing
Bulk voice call is a simple communication technology that allows you to take a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a short span of time. These bulk voice calls are most often used for community alerts, notifications, and for business and promotional purposes.

Voice Calls
• Fast, Reliable & Secure
• Real Time Reports
• Quick & 100% Delivery
• Easy HTTP API Integrations Pricing
Data includes manufactures, high profile, Salaried, NRI, HNI, Corporate, Luxury Car Owner, All India City Wise Mobile & Email MARKETING database Available.

• Mobile Database
• Email Database
• Latest Database
• Reliable Database Pricing


9 STAR ADDWORLD & BUSINESS SOLUTION is a leading provider of the Internet Solutions with services such as Website Design, Website Development, secure Shopping Cart solutions, Flash Design, Graphic Design Solutions, Web Hosting,Web Promotion Services.

The Team of "9starabs" , in every venture and in every assignment reflects the above principle which makes it outstanding . Our team of committed, experienced & qualified professionals is sensitive towards our client's needs by trying "heel and head" to give them not just the best but the combination of uniqueness, through latest technologies, high standards of productivity and efficiency. Our efficiency lies in application of sophisticated and innovative standards of traditional design to multimedia and the web.

uality Business Solutions :
Helping small , medium to big sized service organizations achieve competitive advantage through Internet technology and Web site design and development from the Marketing perspective. Our offshore website design development services are implemented with a foresight towards search engine positioning, maintaining a professional look and feel.


9 STAR ADDWORLD & BUSINESS SOLUTION is specialized in Custom Web development with interactive and flexible design .


9 STAR ADDWORLD & BUSINESS SOLUTION is specialized in highly featured software development for every process.

9 STAR ADDWORLD & BUSINESS SOLUTION develops application that are compatable with Android platform ,ios ,windows.

9 STAR ADDWORLD & BUSINESS SOLUTION provides you most efficient E-commerce solution for your business which is highly scalable and secure.

9 STAR ADDWORLD & BUSINESS SOLUTION provides best content management system that can help you to change and update your content and customization of various open source software to meet your requirment quickly.

9 STAR ADDWORLD & BUSINESS SOLUTION develops various social media applications that helps to reach potential audiance to promote your Business.

(a) Enterprise Web Applications
(b) Legacy Systems
(c) Enterprise Business Systems
(d) Project Recovery
(e) Enterprise Mobility Applications
(f) Industry Specialisation
(g) Agility and Efficiency


World’s most used mobile platform – Android- is ideal for Custom Android app design & development due to its versatile Android Software Development Kit (SDK). Android SDK enables usage of multiple code languages like Kotlin, Java, C++, lending it a universal applicability. Our Android app developers ensure better stability and functionality to your business by designing native applications in sync with your business model. We design mobile applications following Android Material Design concepts. Our native app development methodology always prunes down the cost of android app development.

With the advent of Android OS, the Mobile App Development scenario has reached new heights. The usage of smartphones and tablets around the world shot up exponentially. With data, information, and analytics gaining a prominent foothold, Android OS became the most favored and popular mobile OS for developers and companies providing mobile solutions.
Android OS facilitates the development of innovative mobile apps with robust and best-in-class features. It enables a single app model that allows developers to deploy apps to multiple users across a wide range of mobile devices.
The highly talented Custom Android app development team at Tvisha Technologies harnesses object-oriented languages like java in unison with the android SDK. The dedicated team works hand in hand with clients and their requirements for delivering the best solutions in a collaborative style.

iPhone App Development
iPhone App Development is at once an Art and a Science! Tvisha adds the technology dimension to it to develop seamless and bug-free iPhone apps. Come and experience the difference. Everything we do as an iPhone app developers is dedicated to provide our clients the best possible ROI and positioning them on the market.

iOS impact on mobile app development
iOS is the safest operating system available for electronic devices to protect your app activities and personal and professional information. Being the most stable Mobile OS, iOS is one of the preferable OS after Android. Analytics shows that there are more than 2 million apps available in App Store with a notable installation count. Thus App Store is the second largest app market. iOS app development is a complex process that is managed by experts to bring awesome results. Its niche functionalities and features make iOS a go-to platform for developers. iOS app development is the most important and peculiar task that should be handled with intelligence. The overall demand for iOS apps is never-ending that’s why making iOS apps for your business needs is necessary.


Be it search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC, Google Adwords, ORM, our online marketing experts possess advanced knowledge of technology, effective marketing tactics and smart brains that builds a result oriented marketing strategy to make your brand successful within internet market. We specialize in utilizing the advantages of internet marketing services to its maximum to make your brand popular among your target masses so that you can expand your customer base in minimum time.

Our effective SEO techniques are focused on higher ranking, and higher visibility; which intend to convert your business website into popular brand.

Social Media Marketing
Our marketing experts will help you maintain your social presence across different platforms which further let you engage with target audience.

Online Paid Advertising Service
Paid advertising services provide more mileage to your business with enhanced traffic on website and conversion rates through creative and catchy ads.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click is an effective internet marketing tactic to drive traffic on website, increase the visibility as well as to turn visitors into potential customers.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is a best approach to get best Return on Investment. Builds connection with your target customers and maintain relation with your potential customers by providing updates on all offers and deals.

Online Reputation Management
Online reputation managements is considered to be an important element of internet marketing as it shield your business from all negativity by providing positive reviews and feedbacks.

By being completely transparent, providing actionable information, and delivering observable, quantifiable outcomes, we assist in simplifying the complex world of social media advertising by bringing the reach of audience to buy, create relationships, and drive their growth, savvy businesses like ours are leveraging the power of social media.

Social Media Management
Our SMO Experts take complete care of your Social Media Presence. Starting from setting up your account, creating and posting contents, monitoring to monthly reporting, we manage everything.

Social Media Content
Need contents that attract and engage your customers? e-Definers Technology designs visually appealing creative along with informative content to convert your followers into customers.

Social Media Strategy
Get a unique Social Media Strategy with the best SMO Agency in Delhi. While creating strategies we assess each and every metrics including fan acquisition, content streams to risk management.

Social Media Advertising
Advertising on Social Media requires special attention. Our Experts design engaging creative, set up and optimise the campaign properly and utilize the best ad types so that your get maximum ROI.
Social Media Consultation
We know Social Media like the way you know your brand. Based on extensive research, Our Social Media experts will advise you when and where to share your content to produce the best results.

Social Media Audit
Our Team will Review your social media profile, your target audience and the business goal to draw out the areas where you can work to improve your overall campaign and get better results.